Beginners Guide To Best Airbrushes In 2022

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As the art of airbrushing becomes more mainstream, the demand for airbrushes is increasingly increasing. It’s no surprise that many people, particularly beginners, have no idea to choose best airbrush kit or what to look for when purchasing one. We’ll include helpful hints and demonstrate how to spot a good airbrush kit, as well as which model is best for beginners.

What is Airbrush?

An airbrush is a small, air-operated tool that uses nebulization to spray various media, most commonly paint but also ink and dye, and base. Spray painting is a style of airbrush that evolved from the use of an airbrush kit.

What is the best way to categorize airbrushes?

Three features are usually used to describe airbrushes. 

  • The trigger which activates the paint flow,
  • The mechanism for feeding paint into the airbrush, 
  • The third is the mixing stage where the paint and air combine.

The category of airbrushes on the basis of the Trigger

An airbrush’s action relates to how the trigger works. There are mainly two types:

  •  Single Action Airbrush
  •  Double Action Airbrush

When you pull back the trigger on a single action airbrush, air is released from the best airbrush, atomizing the paint. Paint volume is regulated in a single action airbrush by adjusting a fluid needle to the desired point.

Although a single action airbrush is easy to use, you can’t adjust the amount of paint flow dispensed without stopping the airbrush in the airbrush kit. This makes a single action airbrush suitable for beginners and larger patterns, but it does restrict versatility in the middle of the airbrushing process.

By pulling the trigger on a dual action gravity feed airbrush, you can adjust both the air and paint volume. It is also called double action airbrush. Air is released from the dual action airbrush when the button is pressed down; when it is pulled out, paint can be released. The more you pull the trigger back, the more paint you’ll get.

A dual action gravity feed airbrush gives you more power and versatility when using this dual action airbrush, so it’s the most popular option for professionals or those who value flexibility. It’s even better for fine detail work in general.

The category of airbrushes on the basis of the mechanism for feeding paint

Based on the mechanism for feeding paint, there are generally three types of airbrushes.

  • Gravity Feed Airbrush
  • Siphon Feed Airbrushes
  • Side Feed Airbrush

The cup is on top of the best airbrush in gravity feed airbrushes. A gravity feed airbrush has the advantage of being able to feed paint at any air pressure, allowing for paint application at low pressures. When doing detail work with an airbrush, you’ll want to use lower pressures to prevent overspray, so a gravity feed airbrushes kit is generally the best option.

In addition to being better for fine line work, a gravity feed brush is normally easier to clean than a syphon airbrush because it has fewer components. A gravity feed airbrush has the disadvantage of not holding as much paint as a syphon airbrush.

The cup is located under the airbrush in siphon feed airbrushes. More paint can be stored in a siphon airbrushes as a result of this. Since you won’t have to wait as frequently to refill the siphon feed airbrush, the siphon airbrushes is perfect for larger airbrushing ventures.

Airbrushes with a side feed aim to combine the advantages of both forms of airbrushes. They can retain more volume and perform better at low pressures than gravity airbrushes. They are, however, more difficult to clean and are prone to leaks, making them less common than gravity feed and syphon feed airbrushes.

The category of airbrushes on the basis of the mixing

On the basis of how air and paint are mixed, there are two types of airbrushes.

  • Internal Mix Airbrush
  • External Mix Airbrush

Another thing to think about is whether you want to use an internal or external mix airbrush. The paint and air are mixed outside of the airbrush with an external mix airbrush. An internal mix airbrush, on the other hand, combines the paint and air within the airbrush. External mix airbrushes are less popular than internal mix airbrushes because they do not make as fine a pattern and do not ionise paint as well.

What characteristics should be considered when selecting the right airbrush?

The adage “practice makes better” is well-known. This is particularly true when learning to paint with an airbrush kit. It can be difficult to maintain a steady side. One of the first things to learn for crisp and tidy lines is how to add the correct amount of paint without running. Here are a few characteristics that should be considered when selecting the right airbrush kit.

  • Needle stops are a common feature found on airbrushes, as they are fine-tuned instruments.

You can set a stop at which point you won’t be able to pull the trigger again, maintaining a straight line even though you switch colors.

  • You pull the trigger on a pistol grip airbrush a little to start the air, then pull back more depending on how much paint you want to flow.

Your hand is in the same place as if you were carrying a pistol.

  • Cleaning the best airbrush is a major job. The most important thing you can do is learn how to properly clean your airbrush. After all, this is an investment, so safeguard it. The cleaning cup is something you’ll use for any airbrushing session. This device can assist you in cleaning your airbrush as well as changing colors and reducing fumes. When not in use, it often serves as an airbrush holder.

Beginners Guide To Best Airbrushes

You will learn the fundamentals of painting with airbrush in this section. This guide is for anyone who has already started or wants to start painting with an airbrush.

This guide will teach you how to use the airbrush compressor, and other common airbrushing tools properly. 

  • Control air flow and amount of color

You can use the best airbrush to paint a fine line or a wide area, depending on the intensity of the air flow and the amount of color. You can airbrush a color film that is opaque or translucent. An airbrush with a double action feature – that is, an airbrush that can control the airflow and color quantity independently – is used in the definition of proper airbrush handling.

The speed of the air flow can be controlled on airbrushes with a double action feature by pressing the button. The more you press down on the button, the more air flows through the airbrush – the airflow gets better. Of course, this is dependent on the airbrush compressor providing ample compressed air connected to air hose and a corresponding air pressure set at the air compressor.

By pushing the trigger backwards, you can control the color flow. A needle is pushed back when you pull the trigger backwards, which usually blocks the nozzle.

If this is your first time airbrushing or you are just learning how to airbrush, you can start by painting with the airbrush. You will soon get a feel for how to use the airbrush, and it will become habitual to you.

  • Practice drawing lines using an airbrush

Airbrushing a thin straight line takes some practice. Essentially, you must ensure that the paint has been sprayed dry. That means that when it comes down to the painting ground, the color must be dry so that it does not spill over the surface. It’s normally damp if the paint gleams on the field. Since the color on the painting ground will easily run, this should be avoided. You can prevent this by pushing the airbrush trigger backwards less and/or lowering the airflow strength.

  • Region of painting using airbrush

Airbrushing a wider region in the same hue is a second exercise that is not as easy as it sounds. It’s easy if the color is airbrushed with 100% opacity. However, if you just want to airbrush a light color film, it will be difficult because it is easy to spray so much color in one place.

Broad areas should be airbrushed in snake-sprayed lines. Start airbrushing in the upper left corner, spray in a straight line to the right side, then a little lower, airbrush the second line from right to left, and so on until the whole area is colored. It’s possible that you’ll have to airbrush multiple tracks to cover the entire field.

  • Light effect by using airbrush

Black paint is used to airbrush the shadows. To get a finer color spread, you can paint with a little water dilution. Furthermore, during airbrushing, the area will not become too dark or too fast. Airbrushing less paint allows the white of the paper to shine through, creating reflections, light edges, highlights, bright areas, and so on.

You may also airbrush with white paint, use an eraser (eraser pencil) to remove paint, or use a regular brush to paint with color. Depending on the case, one strategy or the other is better for achieving the desired result.

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Painting with an Airbrush: Step-by-Step Instructions

So far, we’ve covered the fundamentals of airbrushing. If you want to learn to airbrush, the most important thing is to get a lot of practice and practice with the airbrush kits. We’ll start with the promised step-by-step instructions for a small simple airbrush painting right away.

Step 1: Preliminary sketching

If you want to make an airbrush painting, you should start with a rough sketch on the painting surface. It’s better to draw with a rough pencil so the lines would be almost invisible. But don’t press down too hard with the pencil.

Step 2: Use masking material

After that, you can use masking material to mask the image. As a result, you apply the special airbrush masking film to the paper, making sure that no air bubbles are trapped under it. The masking film can then be cut along the cube’s edges with a cutter.

You should cut the film with extreme caution, ensuring that only the masking film is cut. Do not tear the file. Both objects would have blurred edges due to airbrush overspray if the image was airbrushed without masking film, and painting the picture would take longer.

Step 3: Connect airbrush to air compressor

After you’ve masked the painting, you can start airbrushing. There, you must first attach the airbrush to the compressor. The operating pressure of the compressor must be set according to the size of the airbrush.

Step 4: Fill airbrush with paint

Paint can now be applied to the airbrush. You should apply a few drops of paint to the airbrush’s paint pot. Not too much, because the paint will slop out of the airbrush and fall on the picture when you spray. To achieve a better color look, dilute the color with a few drops of water.

Step 5: Paint with airbrush

After completing the steps above, your airbrush is ready to paint.

Reviews of Best Airbrushes

  1. Paasche Airbrush
  2. Grex GCK03 Tritium.TG Airbrush
  3. High Line Series Airbrush

Paasche Perfect Airbrush

Paasche Airbrush

The galvanized metal panels on this portable booth make it easy to clean and sturdy. Each of the two fans in the Spray Booth delivers 235 CFM. Rugged, lightweight, and quick to put together. The spray gun’s working dimensions are 30 inches wide by 16 inches high, making it ideal for all of your hobby and art spraying needs. This is the best airbrush in our list.

The variety of sizes in air brushes helps to create the perfect art. It is equipped with PTFE packing so that you can easily spray on any type of fluid. Also, this best airbrush is USA manufactured having gravity feed brush to achieve sharp hair line patterns ranging up to 3 inches. Its unique and perfect size fits for the air hose.

Paint particles are captured by the paint filter, while fumes and odors are minimized by the carbon filter fill. Both of the filters are simple to swap out. Wear protective clothing if it is needed.

Brand: Paasche
Weight: 42.4 pounds
Dimensions: 32 x 23 x 10 inches
Material Used: Galvanized Metal Panels
CFM: 540
Noise level: 47 dbs
6 inch exhaust fans, Duct Adapter, Power Cord, Fiberglass Paint Filter and Carbon Filter
  • Easy to cleannSturdynnnn
  • Expensive

Grex GCK03 Tritium.TG High Quality Airbrush Kit

Grex GCK03 Tritium.TG Airbrush

Grex’s premium double action pistol style trigger, the TRITIUM.TG3, is recognized in the industry for its ergonomics, high performance, and flexibility. Severe airbrush users would be drawn to this top gravity airbrush kits.

Its user friendliness and easy-to-use feature allows you use it effectively and efficiently. Along with comfortable use, the air brush is stylish and portable to carry out your day-to-day work. One of the best feature of this airbrush is it has G-MAC allowing you control the airflow simply on your finger tips.

There are two reservoirs included one with 7ml and other 15 ml gravity cups. Also, it is equipped with 30 ml side bottle for your art work.

Its comfort and protection of hand fatigue is due to a better handle; its smoothness of spray and control is due to performance grade materials and careful design; and flexibility is due to interchangeable nozzles/needles.

Brand: Grex
Weight: 5.9 pounds
Dimensions: 12.2 x 10.8 x 10.1 inches
You have precise, unlimited airflow control at your fingertips with the G-MAC.
7mL and 15mL gravity cups, as well as a side Siphon with a 30mL bottle, were used as reservoirs.
Power source: Corded electric
Warranty: 6 years
  • The air compressor is very quietnThe product was very simple to set up. nn
  • Electric cord is not longnInstead of hard rubber bits, the supports have suction cups.

High Line Series Beginner Airbrush Kit

High Line series airbrush

With Iwata’s latest Micro Air Control (MAC) Valve Technology, this Hi-Line Series brush not only adjusts air pressure instantly, but it also changes the way you airbrush.

The solvent proof needle packing helps to use the brush effectively. Also, dual purpose cutaway and pre-set handle are the best features comes along with this airbrush kits.

Beginners who are looking to start with art work have additional features like 0.2 mm nozzle spray to effectively adjust the airflow while working. Along with this, it has sharp spray pattern ranging till 3/4 inches [20 mm].

The best thing is that the larger threads on nozzles provide you to handle the airbrush with absolute comfort and secure fit for better centering of the nozzle on the body.

The airbrush 0.2mm is suitable for work that needs precision. It’s a top-of-the-line model with a built-in preset handle and air control knob. You can get special effects like a pebble-like pattern by blurring the hairline. The advantages of the High Line sequence.

Brand: Iwata
Weight: 3.52 ounces
Dimensions: 7.01 x 4.61 x 1.26 inches
This brush, which uses larger diameter threads on the nozzle than the High Performance Series, is designed for artists who need extreme control of precise spraying.
  • Specially, made for artistnEasy to clean.nAir adjustment knobnnnn
  • Little costly


We’ve covered everything you’ll need to know before buying your first airbrush in great detail. It’s critical to consider the functionality you need while still remembering the product’s feel and comfort. We hope that this article has cleared up any misunderstanding you might have had.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of trigger control?

For a beginner, trigger control is unquestionably one of the most essential features of an airbrush. When you pull the lever, it determines how far the needle can go. This helps to keep the amount of paint atomized to a minimum. This is certainly a plus if you’re a beginner.

What size nozzle or needle would you recommend?

A finer nozzle/needle can provide you with more precision in your work, but it is not perfect for spraying large areas. Larger nozzles/needles can also assist you in protecting larger surface areas. So, depending on your intended use, you can choose the nozzle/needle that best meets your needs.

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