Dritz Twin Fit Small Dress Form Review

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Are you a seasoned designer looking to try something new, or are you just starting out in the world of design?

Whatever your plans are, an adjustable dress form will be one of the most important tools you’ll need to pin all of those unique and beautiful designs you’ve made.

This is the Art Aspirant recommended dress form. I request you read the details about the product and purchase it for better showcasing.

Dritz Twin Fit Small Dress Form Review

Dritz Twin Fit Small Dress Form

The 12 auto-set dials at the bust, waist, and hips adapt to your body measurements by squeezing and rotating in 12-inch increments. The beautiful wood finial rotates to increase neck size.

Also, it manually divide the form at the waist and hip area to add up to 2″ to the back waist length measurement.

This pole is used to perfectly fit and hang tops, blouses, shirts, jackets, coats, skirts, and dresses.

The expandable metal pole allows you to easily adjust the height of the dress form to meet your shoulder to floor length measurement.

Legs collapse for convenient storage; sturdy tripod base with metal legs and plastic protective floor covers are one of the best features Dritz provide its customers.

Silver grey hue with a polyester foam-backed cover for simple pinning and marking during fitting, construction, and garment changes.

Built-in foam pin cushion for pin storage and quick access; printed pole dimensions and an adjustable 360° pin hem marker aid in the creation of correct, even hems.

Petite, Small, Medium, Large, and Full-Figure sizes are available.

In a nut shell, Dritz Twin Fit Small Dress Form is perfect choice for you to place your well designed fashion creatives and present in an excellent way.

Features of the product
Adjustable body
Reliable fitting positions
Fabric materials perfect for fashion garments
360 degree adjustable pin hem marker
Available in different sizes
Specifications of the product
Brand: Dritz
Model: 20031
Weight of the product: 11.13 pounds
Size of the product: 14.5 x 10.8 x 31 inches
  • Sturdy tripod basenPlastic protective floor capsnAvailable in 5 sizesnFoam pin cushion for storagenCenter pole
  • Slightly difficult to adjust sizes

What is a dress form?

A dress form is an essential tool in the sewing process. It is a formed form that is modelled using your personal body dimensions. Pin pattern pieces to it, test-fit seams during production, or drape and fashion a garment using it.

When you have the garment in front of you, it is much easier to design and fit it! Consider size when buying a dress form so that it closely fits your measurements and characteristics, such as hem markers, off-set poles for fitting trousers, and shoulder to floor height measurement.

What are measurement tips?

  • Wear the same shoes and clothing that you would typically wear while taking measurements.
  • It is most convenient to have a friend assist you.
  • The tape should be snug but not tight for each measurement.
  • Choose a form that is the same size as your dimensions or slightly smaller – you can always pad to fit, but you can’t decrease inches from the smallest dimension.

How to take body measurements?

  • Measure around the largest segment of your chest.
  • Natural waist – the place where your waistline rests most comfortably.
  • Measure your hips 7″-9″ below your waistline. This should be the broadest portion of your hip.
  • Back waist length is measured from the neck to the natural waist.
  • Take a measurement from your waist to the floor. Add this to the length of the back waist to get the height from neck to floor.
  • Take a measurement from your shoulder to the middle of your chest (women).
  • Take a measurement around the base of your neck.
  • From side to side, measure the shoulder across the back.

Dritz explains all the measurement techniques to help you buy the Dritz Twin Fit Small Dress Form.


The Dritz Twin Fit Small Dress Form has to be the finest adjustable dress form for sewing. The fact that it is portable, flexible, and long-lasting is a key factor in its victory.

Our Dritz Twin Fit Small Dress Form Review will help you purchase it and start using it in your fashion journey.

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