SINGER M3300 Sewing Machine Review: Should You Buy?

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The Singer M3300 sewing machine is a new Singer offering that is an improved version of the popular Singer 2277 Tradition sewing machine.

As a result, for a certain subset of users, the Singer M3300 is still a fantastic sewing machine. It’s not the most modern sewing machine with all the bells and whistles, but it’s a cost-effective solution for many.

I’ll begin by explaining the Singer M3300’s features and how to use it, then move on to answering typical questions and identifying benefits and drawbacks, before comparing it to other popular, similar sewing machines.

I hope this Singer machine review help you add definite quality in your sewing works.

SINGER M3300 Sewing Machine Review

SINGER M3300 Review

SINGER M3300 sewing machine review says that it has super stylish look with 97 stitch applications perfect for beginners.

The sewing machine is constructed with strong metal material to carry out your sewing works with full dedication. The treadle powered machine includes 75+ (USD) accessories helpful for your sewing corner.

Along with this, SINGER machines has simple one-step buttonhole to work faster and improving efficiency. It has the free arm to sew easily in hard-to-reach areas. The needles are stronger and can sew wide range of fabrics with ease.

There are various customizable options to allow you adjust the stitch width and length as per your requirement.

The needle threader can help you easily insert threads and give a faster start for your sewing work.

Last but not the least, SINGER M3300 has front loading bobbins to easily wind and insert maintaining the smooth needle plate surface.

Features of the product
97 Stitch applications
1-Step buttonhole
Adjustable width and length
Needle threader
Front loading bobbins
Quick and easy threading
Strong metal frame
Specifications of the product
Model: M3300
Color: Green
Material: Metal
Weight of the sewing machine: 15.25 Pounds
Size of the sewing machine: 15.16 x 7.35 x 10.9 inches
  • When you consider the features, the pricing is reasonable.
  • It’s simple to use and comes with an automatic needle threader.
  • Use on a variety of fabrics.
  • Learning to use a front-load bobbin is more challenging.

Extra Features of SINGER M3300

LED Lighting

When you switch on the sewing machine, an LED light illuminates the stitching workspace. If you want a brighter light, there are hundreds of sewing lights available.

Easy Needle Threader

SINGER | M3300 Sewing Machine with 97 Stitch Applications and 1-Step Buttonhole – Perfect for Beginners – Sewing Made Simple The Singer 2277 is technically a self-threading sewing machine.

This indicates that it features a “automatic needle threader.” This is a tiny lever near the needle that you may use to bring the top thread through the needle’s eye. It’s quite useful for those who have trouble threading a needle by hand.

Capability to use two needles

The fact that most Singer sewing machines come with an additional spool pin and twin needle is a nice touch. This allows you to program the M3300 to utilize two separate spools of thread at the same time to sew parallel lines.

Automatic Buttonholes and Button Sewing in One Step

When you pick the buttonhole stitch on the Singer M3300, it produces the buttonhole all by itself. It also sizes the required buttonhole based on the size of the button.

Line up your machine, place your button in the rear of the buttonhole presser foot, and you’re ready to go with super simple buttonholes! Because this isn’t a computerized sewing machine, you must keep an eye on the buttonhole and remember to remove your foot from the foot pedal when it is finished stitching.

After you’ve made the buttonhole, you may stitch on the button itself using the button sewing foot to keep it in place.

Integrated Free Arm

There is a little accessories box at the front of the machine where you may put your sewing supplies. When this tiny extension table is removed, you are left with a free arm.

This is a tiny workstation where you may stitch circular things like cuffs and hems. It’s a useful function on a low-cost sewing machine.

How can a beginner use SINGER M3300?

The Singer M3300 is an excellent sewing machine for beginning sewers.

Aside from the front-load bobbin problem, the Singer M3300 is simple to set up and operate. Because it isn’t a digital sewing machine, you won’t have to deal with any perplexing technology.

It’s also one of the simplest Singer sewing machines for kids to learn to use, in my opinion.
In comparison to many other sewing machines, the Singer M3300 requires a low initial investment.

As a result, if you decide you don’t enjoy sewing, you won’t have to pay a month’s mortgage. However, if you discover that you enjoy sewing, you may subsequently upgrade to a more complex sewing machine.

If you are having problems with your sewing machine, I strongly advise you to read the whole instruction booklet.

You’ll learn the ins and outs of the machine, as well as how to select a needle and thread type based on your cloth.

Factors to consider before buying a good sewing machine

Straight stitch — This is the most common stitch.

Zig Zag – Used to give rough edges a polished effect.

Stretch straight — Wear this stitch on anything that has to be secure after a lot of use. It’s a precise stitch, and you’ll need a machine capable of producing it correctly.

Tri-motion – finishes your edges and keeps them from unraveling.

Blind hem – A hem that cannot or hardly can be seen from the right side of the garment.

Button hole — If you ever need to sew button holes for clothes or other tasks like shower curtains, a one-step button hole option will save you a lot of time.

It would be preferable if this was not even a consideration. If any sewer could just buy the machine they want without regard for cost.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case.
When looking for a machine, you most likely have a budget in mind. This might leave you evaluating the benefits and drawbacks.

A decent, high-quality mechanical metal machine may be purchased for less than $300. If it is out of your price range, you may choose a used, reconditioned machine. A used, high-quality machine is frequently a better deal than a new, less-expensive equipment.

Sewing machine weight and size

This is important if you have to store the machine when not in use or if you carry it with you to craft fairs, etc. However, even tiny portable devices can vary in weight, so try lifting it before purchasing or, at the very least, verify the weight given before purchasing online.

If you just want to use your machine at home in a certain location, a heavier machine may be a better quality machine constructed with metal rather than plastic parts.

Sewing machine warranty

Find out how long the warranty lasts and what it covers. Also, inquire whether your computer can be maintained locally or whether it has be mailed someplace.

Talk to other customers about their customer service experiences with the firm you’re thinking about buying from.

Finally, you must conduct your own study and select the machine that is most suited to your specific requirements. Keep in mind that quality is more essential than extra features.

Comparison with other sewing machines

Parameters⬇️SINGER M3300 ReviewSinger M1500 Sewing Machine
Weight15.25 Pounds10 Pounds
Size15.16 x 7.35 x 10.9 inches13 x 7 x 11.5 inches
Buy Now➡️Check Price On AmazonCheck Price On Amazon


SINGER M3300 Sewing Machine Review is available on the internet. It has appealing characteristics and is regarded as one of the greatest sewing machines for beginners.

As a result, I urge that you take the time to read through each feature in detail and grasp what they have to offer and how they differ from others. As a result, you should compare them with their models and select the best one for your work.

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